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"The greatest good you can do
for another is not just share
your riches, but to reveal to him his own."
Benjamin Disraeli

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Oxford Conservative Future

Aims and Values

Our Society's activities encompass a wide range of events from those directly involved in campaigning to those exclusively social in nature. However, underlying all our activities are three main aims the society endeavours to fulfil:

  1. To promote the Conservative Party and general political awareness, not only through direct and effective campaigning, but also through charity, public speaking, social and wider community events.
  2. To provide our members with a forum to become directly involved in the Conservative Party and to influence and shape the Party's future.
  3. To ensure that our members have fun and benefit personally through their involvement with our Society and the local and national Conservative Party. I personally found this site because I didn't know how to write my nursing paper, and I asked for assistance. And then I stayed for more.

Aims and Values of the Conservative Party

With such a huge membership and supporter base there is no common demographic profile within the Conservative Party, and neither would we wish there to be; our diversity is one of our strengths. This means that the Conservative Party encompasses a vast array of individuals, and naturally with such a wide spectrum of members there are different ideas on what shape Conservative Policy should take.

However, the vast majority of Conservatives identify with a number of key aims and values; indeed this is what makes our members "Conservative". Through consultation and discussion with the grassroots membership, the Party has tried to collate these aims and values in a document called Built to Last. The main points drawn out from this process are summarised below:

Our Aims

To improve the quality of life for everyone through:

  • A dynamic economy, where thriving businesses create jobs, wealth and opportunity;
  • A strong society, where our families, our communities and our nation create secure foundations on which people can build their lives;
  • A sustainable environment, where we enhance the beauty of our surroundings and protect the future of our planet.

Our Values

The more we trust people, the stronger they and society become. We're all in this together - government, business, the community, the voluntary sector, families and individuals. We have a shared responsibility for our shared future.

Our Party

We are an open and inclusive Party. We will act to ensure that our Party, at every level, is representative of modern Britain.

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The official website of Conservative Future is www.conservativefuture.com

National Campaigns
NHS Yes Stop Brown's NHS Cuts
ID Cards ID Cards: Labour's Bad IDea
Keep our Post Offices Open
Equal Pay Campaign Equal Pay Campaign

Local Campaigns
Flood Safe Campaign Oxford Conservatives' Flood Safe Campaign
Play Fair Campaign Improve children's play facilities in Oxford
One of Oxford's crown jewels at risk from the Liberals. Save the Covered Market Campaign

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