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"The greatest good you can do
for another is not just share
your riches, but to reveal to him his own."
Benjamin Disraeli

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The Liberal-run, weak-rated Oxford City Council is set to close play areas that were run down mainly during the 25 years of administration by Labour and, more recently, under the Liberals. Conservative Councillor Dr. Tia MacGregor campaigned for the reprieve of Quarry Hollow Play Area in her ward and we are pleased to report that this is now not on the closure list. At https://essayelites.com/ you can get another article with elite writing that explores all the details of the situation directly.

Oxford City Conservatives believe that playing outside provides opportunities for children to use all their senses, to be socially interactive, to experience wonder and enchantment, to develop physical skills and to discover and enjoy a greater sense of freedom and independence.

We need to combat the ready availability of sedentary, sometimes addictive screen-based entertainment and the aggressive marketing of over-elaborate, commercialised toys that contribute to many of the social problems that we know we are storing-up for the future. We need to ensure that the intrinsic nature and value of play in children's healthy development is a benchmark of our provision.

What Oxford Conservatives believe:

1. Oxford Conservatives are campaigning for the improvement, not closure, of our play areas at:
  • Bernwood Park, Headington
  • Campion Close, Blackbird Leys
  • Columbine Gardens, Greater Leys
  • Greenfinch Close, Blackbird Leys
  • Juniper Drive, Blackbird Leys
  • Marigold Close, Blackbird Leys
  • Rowan Grove, Greater Leys
  • Woodpecker Green, Greater Leys
  • Westfield Close, Cowley Marsh
  • Girdlestone Road, Headington
  • Sermon Close, Headington
  • Cholsey Close, Cowley
  • Chillingworth Crescent, Headington

2. We need to ensure that equipment meets standards EN:1176 (play equipment), EN:1177 (safety surfacing) and comply with Disability Discrimination Act requirements.

3. A full inspection, maintenance and replacement programme is put in place for all play areas.

4. Seek external funds to achieve objectives 1-3 if Council funding is not available.

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